May 2015

The Best Movie You May Not Have Heard Of – Diggstown

Diggstown hasDiggstown poster several features of things I love about movies, but the biggest is Bruce Dern being Bruce Dern. No one plays a guy you absolutely loathe better than Bruce Dern. Man, can he get under your skin, and his role in Diggstown is no exception. The second thing I love about this movie is the ending. In so many movies they just do not know how to end them, but Diggstown is not one of them.



A Classic Must See Movie – Casablanca

Another mcasablanca posterovie I did not see until recently. We have all heard about Casablanca, but I do not think a lot of us have actually sat and watched it from start to finish. What a great movie. I knew I would enjoy this movie, I do not know why I waited so long to watch it. So, grab your girl, make some popcorn and watch Casablanca. Black and White film is a thing of the past, and it is too bad, this is a wonderfully made film.

A Guilty Pleasure – Clerks

Clerks is rudclerks postere, crude and just wrong, but at the same time witty and brilliant. Do not let your children watch this movie. As a matter of fact, this movie is inappropriate for people of all ages. But if you can handle it, you may just love this movie.


April 2015

The Best Movie You May Not Have Heard Of – The Boondock Saints 

I have toBoondock Saints poster admit, I was late to the party when it comes to The Boondock Saints, as I only found it a couple of years ago. How I missed it I still do not know, but what I do know is that it has become one of my favorite movies of all time. It is a mob movie, very violent, and what I would call a “guys” movie, until I caught my receptionist Brenja quoting it one day. Apparently she loved it as much as I did. Willem Dafoe plays one of the funniest characters ever, and as Paul Smecker says, “it just makes me feel like river dancing.”

A Classic Must See Movie – The Usual Suspects

I did noUsual Suspects Postert pick The Usual Suspects as one of my poster parodies for the website for nothing. This is another one of my favorite movies of all time. Kaiser Sӧze to me is a cross between Darth Vader and Voldemort. He is a wicked villain like Darth, and you just do not want to talk about him like Voldemort. Great movie you can watch again and again.


A Guilty Pleasure – Mean Girls

I love Tina FeMean Girls postery. She was hilarious on Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock was a great show, and her first movie writing credit was no disappointment. Mean Girls is funny. Period. This movie reaches every generation as I have watched it with my daughter and my mother-in-law and we all enjoyed it the same. Mean Girls inspired my Halloween costume this year as I went as Regina George (I am the Queen Bee). Fun fact about Mean Girls – If you watch it backwards, it is about a girl who becomes so unpopular she moves to Africa.


Below is me as Regina George,

Regina George







I’m glad you have found my blog.  Please check out the movies and come back and leave a comment about what you thought.  I would love to get a dialog going.   See you next month!

March 2015

The Best Movie You May Not Have Heard Of – Chef

chefChef came out in the summer of 2014 and played locally at the Palm Theater.  Because of its limited release, many people did not catch this movie in the theater, which is too bad.  I love this movie.  Besides the awesome soundtrack and cooking scenes that just make you hungry, it reminds me of hanging out at my dad’s VW shop in La Puente when I was the same age as the kid in the movie.



A Classic Must See Movie – Crash

crash-filmCrash is an academy award winning film with Sandra Bullock, Don Cheadle, Matt Dillon, Terence Howard and many others that I am convinced most people have not seen, or even heard of.  Crash is an extremely powerful movie and frankly, I have not seen it since 2006 when it came out, so I am going to watch it this month too (tax season is no excuse for not watching a good movie!).


A Guilty Pleasure – Napoleon Dynamite

napoleonOk, ok.  So Napoleon Dynamite is definitely a movie people either really love or really hate.  I really love it.  My wife really hates it.  I get it, it’s not for everyone.  But one thing I judge a movie on is “is it quotable?”  Do people go around quoting the movie?  If so, that makes for a great movie.  I know “Do the chickens have large talons” is not quite “Leave the gun, take the cannoli” but it is damn funny.

PS – if you do not know the source of “Leave the gun, take the cannoli”, we need to have a serious talk.