October 2016

Well, it’s been a while.  Thought I could keep up with this monthly blog but time seems to get away.  Okay, so after a short hiatus, we’re back with some new movies for you to check out –

The Best Movie You’ve Never Heard Of  – Lucky Number Slevin


I like to call Lucky Number Slevin a poor man’s Usual Suspects.  It’s not as good, but it’s a pretty entertaining movie with some nice twists.  Josh Hartnett’s best movie, by far (I’m not a big Josh Hartnett fan).  Check it out and tell me what you think.



Something Quirky – Safety Not Guaranteed


If you’re in the mood for something different, check out Safety Not Guaranteed.  What would you do if you saw an ad for a companion for time travel?  Well, follow three magazine employees on assignment as they meet Kenneth, who is looking for someone to travel with.


A Guilty Pleasure – Eurotrip

eurotripEurotrip follows a group of American teens as they travel through Europe so Scotty can find the girl of his dreams.  Whether it’s Matt Damon making a cameo singing the catchy tune “Scotty Doesn’t Know” or Fred Armisen making everyone feel uncomfortable on the train, there is something to make everyone laugh in this movie.  Soccer hooligans? Check.  Robot man? Check.  German kid with Hitler mustache? Check.  It all goes together, trust me…

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