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October 2015

Almost missed October!  Couldn’t do that, so better later than never here are some scary movies you should watch.


HalloweenThe first scary movie I ever saw, still holds up as one of the best.  Who would have thought a William Shatner mask could be so scary!  A friend of mine growing up was an extra in the movie, one of the costumed kids in the opening scene when Michael kills his sister.  So I guess you can say I’m one degree from Michael Myers.  Cool.


The Exorcist

the-exorcist-slThe Exorcist might be the scariest movie ever made.  Audiences in the early 1970’s FREAKED OUT!  And no wonder.  I’ve seen The Exorcist at least 10 times and it still creeps me out!  If I’m ever in Washington D.C., I will for certainly take a trip to Georgetown University to see the infamous steps!




sawMy most controversial pick is Saw.  I am not a huge fan of “slasher” movies.  I don’t need to see a bunch of gore.  I won’t recommend Saw III through whatever number they are on as they got progressively gorier, But the original Saw (and although quite a bit gorier than the original, Saw II) is great movie, but a little gory.  The original, though, leaves a lot to the imagination, it doesn’t have to show you every thing, you know what’s happening.  A great plot, a great twist, and a lot of suspense make this one of my favorite movies.  Give it a shot if you dare!