September 2015

The Best Movie You Not Have Heard Of – Hoop Dreams

I don’t watch a loHoop Dreamst of documentaries, but I do enjoy them when I find one that is well done.  Hoop Dreams may be my favorite documentary.  A great story about two inner city boys with dreams of playing in the NBA, the movie follows them for years, from the time they are grade school kids being praised for their basketball prowess all the way to their opportunity to play college and pro ball.  A long movie, but once you get into it you don’t realize it’s a long movie.


A Classic Must See Movie – Scream

I was going toscream save Scream for next month, since it’s October I thought I would do my favorite scary movies, but, with Wes Craven passing away recently I felt I should recognize my favorite movie of his.  I, as many people do, remember the first time they saw Scream, and the first scene that to this day I think is one of the best opening scenes ever.  If you haven’t seen Scream, take some time to watch this Halloween, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

A Guilty Pleasure – Desperado

Speaking of great Desperadoopening scenes, Desperado has what may be my favorite opening scene of all time.  Steve Buscemi, who I love, walks into a bar and gets everyone’s attention with his story of the man with the guitar case full of guns.  It’s so funny and clever and gets you into the movie right away.  I like Robert Rodriquez as a director and this is my favorite film of his.  Salma Hayek, Cheech, Quentin Tarantino, Danny Trejo and Antonio Banderos as El Mariachi make a great cast and Joaquim de Amleida (a guy nobody knows, but everyone recognizes) is great as “Bucho”.  Maybe my favorite thing about this movie is that Steve Buscemi’s character’s name is “Buscemi”.  I wonder how long they took to come up with that one!

One thought on “September 2015

  1. Todd Peterson

    Great picks Glenn. Hoop Dreams is really something. I remember watching that in high school and being blown away. I’ll have to watch Scream again. Love Desperado as well. I think I need to watch that again too.


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