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August 2015

Look out Chapman, here comes another Norris!

Our daughter Megan is heading off to Chapman University this month where both my wife and I attended, according to Megan, “back when dinosaurs roamed the earth”.  So, this month’s picks are a movie filmed at Chapman, and two picks Megan selected as her favorites that we watched as part of our family movie nights.   Of course she immediately spouted off The Sandlot, but I had to tell her that was part of my July picks (apparently she doesn’t read my blog…).



Accepted is a funny little movie in which Chapman University portrays “Harmon College”.  It’s funny because Harmon College and it’s dean and student body president are portrayed as a stuffy, uppity university, so unlike the actual awesome Chapman I know and love.  Justin Long and Jonah Hill star along with Lewis Black.  Not a movie that will win an Oscar, but pretty  funny and entertaining.

Star Wars

Star WarsMegan’s first choice is probably my all time favorite movie, the original Star Wars.  I was so happy when she chose it.  She still brags about beating me at Star Wars Trivial Pursuit several years ago.  I’d say she got lucky, but she just beat me.  When we were talking about Star Wars, she said “Dad, so many people at school haven’t seen Star Wars, that’s like not having a childhood at all”. Amen.

The Princess Bride

Princess BrideMegan nailed it again with The Princess Bride!  Such a great, fun movie with so many memorable characters and lines.  There’s not a lot to say about this movie, except that it’s so good!  Perfect for kids and enjoyable for adults, have you ever met someone that didn’t like The Princess Bride?  Inconceivable!





So, three fun movies to watch this month, two you’ve probably seen and one you haven’t.  Enjoy!

P.S. – Megan, you’re still dominating.