July 2015

Awwwww Summer!

So a little different format this month from my normal 3 picks.  I’m just going to choose 3 of my favorite Summer movies.  No hidden gems, no real surprises, just three movies you should watch at some point every summer.




Maybe my all time favorite summer movie, one summer I spent just about every day at my cousins house and we would watch Grease everyday.  Seriously.  Everyday.  Not much else to say, just watch and enjoy!

The Sandlot


The only thing I like more than The Sandlot is the fact that both of my kids like The Sandlot as much as I do.  Who didn’t grow up with all of these characters in their neighborhood? The stud athlete, the fat kid, the nerdy hilarious kid – all of them played to perfection.  Throw in James Earl Jones and this is one great movie. You haven’t seen The Sandlot?  You’re killing me Smalls.



Remember when Chevy Chase was funny?  Seems like forever ago, but yes kids, at one time Chevy Chase was funny.  With the new installment of Vacation coming out this summer, it just seemed natural to pick the original for this month’s blog.  I’m so hopeful that the new Vacation is funny, then I can forget all about Vegas Vacation.

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